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Húsafell Lifting Stone
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Húsafell Lifting Stone

Húsafell Stone

Húsafell Stone

license: public domain
source: Wikimedia Commons
author: Pudpon

A black and white image depicts a large stone. It is wider at one end than the other, giving it a vague triangular shape. Its craterous surface is accented with patches of snow.


Artifact: unknown


The Húsafell Stone is a large, 420 lb (190 kg) stone located in Húsafell, Iceland. Local legend claims that the stone has been use for lifting competitions for hundreds of years, though this is unverified. It has become a subject of legend among the modern strongman community, particularly after the 1992 World’s Strongest Man competition, in which the Húsafell Stone walk was a central event.

As the Húsafell Stone is simply a natural boulder, there would be little use in dating it. It is also unknown at what point in time the stone began to be used in local lifting competitions. As other lifting stones have been used in competitions throughout Iceland and all of Europe as early as the Middle Ages, it is possible this stone could have history as far back as well.

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