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Marble Statue: Roman Replica Discobolus
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Marble Statue: Roman Replica Discobolus

Roman Marble Replica of Discobolus

Roman Marble Replica of Discobolus

license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International
source: Wikimedia Commons
author: Livioandronico2013

A white marble statue depicts a muscular man preparing to throw a discus. He holds the discus in his right hand, twisting his upper body down and to the right in preparation for the launch.


Artifact: c. 140 AD

Photo: March 2015


The athlete depicted in this marble sculpture is winding up to throw a discus, displaying the proper form for the sport. The discus toss was one of the five events in the pentathlon, an event introduced to the ancient Olympic Games in 708 BC. The pentathlon was also an event in the Pythian Games and Nemean Games.

This statue is a Roman reproduction of an original Greek bronze sculpture, Diskobólos (meaning “discus thrower”), from c. 450 BC. Though the original work is lost, it lives on through numerous Roman reproductions such as this one.

At the time of photograph, this sculpture was housed in the National Roman Museum.

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