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Ancient Egyptian Surgical Tools
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Ancient Egyptian Surgical Tools

Ancient Egyptian Surgical Tools

Ancient Egyptian Surgical Tools

372 × 584
license: public domain*
source: Wikimedia Commons
author: unknown

A black and white photograph shows an assortment of seven ancient surgical tools. There are four varieties of primitive scalpels and knives, two pairs of primitive forceps or tongs, and one small rod akin to a long, thick needle.


Artifact: unknown

Photo: unknown*


This photograph shows an array of ancient Egyptian medical tools that may have been used for surgical and/or mummification procedures. The rod to the top right would have been used to liquify to brain of the deceased, allowing it to be drained through the nasal passage. The large stone knife to the top leftwould have been used to cut open the side of the corpse for removal of organs.

*The online source for this image ( failed to provide the original source. The image was included among several other public domain images and has been marked on Wikimedia Commons as belonging to the public domain.

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