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Illustration: Zhang Zhongjing Woodcut
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Illustration: Zhang Zhongjing Woodcut

Woodcut of Zhang Zhongjing

Woodcut of Zhang Zhongjing

license: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
source: Wikimedia Commons
author: Wellcome Images

A photograph displays a woodcut illustration of 2nd century AD Chinese physician Zhang Zhongjing. He wears a long robe and holds a document in his hands. A string of Chinese characters sits above him on the page.


Illustration: original 7th–10th century AD, woodcut 16th–17th century AD

Photo: 2014


This Chinese woodcut illustration depicts Chinese physician Zhang Zhongjing (150–219 AD), known primarily for his contributions to the Traditional Chinese Medicine community through his two-volume textbook Cold Injury Treatise (Shang Han Lun). It is one of the oldest and most complete medical textbooks available today, and is still studied to some degree by the Traditional Chinese Medicine community.

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