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Illustration: Aboriginal Game Woggabaliri
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Illustration: Aboriginal Game Woggabaliri

Illustration of Aboriginal Game Woggabaliri

license: public domain
source: Wikimedia Commons
author: William Blandowski (1822–1878)

An illustration depicts a small group of Australian Aborigines around a pond. In the center, six children form a circle, with one of them kicking a ball upward.


Illustration: 1857


This illustration was sketched by Prussian scientist William Blandowski (1822–1878) while in Australia in 1857. The picture is often misattributed to the Aboriginal sport marn grook, though Blandowski himself stated it depicts a game called woggabaliri. In addition, Blandowski described this game, which, based on his description, does not match accounts of marn grook.

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